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Welcome to Tech Connected Home.


We serve Howard County, Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic Region with Home Technology Services. Our services include

Computer installation, software upgrades, and trouble shooting

Home Automation

Wireless Networks

Internet Cameras for homes, kennels, stables, and offices


Weather Stations

Telephone Systems

High Tech Shopping

Construction Services


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50% of tech products returned because of complexity

A recent study at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, found that about half of all manufacturinging products returned to the store by consumers really do work--the customer just can't figure out how to use them. This is especially true in the electronic gadget market.


TechConnectedHome can help you figure out how to use those gadgets and products and get them working for you.


Howard recently gave a talk on tips for securing your home computer.  The talk was taped for Making the Connection TV show which will air on Howard County Comcast Community channel during March.  Here are the slides from that talk.



Internet Camera

weather station



Daylight Saving Time Alert
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 changes the starting and ending dates for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the United States. Beginning in 2007, DST will begin on the second Sunday in March (11th) and end on the first Sunday in November (4th). This results in a new DST period that is four weeks longer than in previous years.

Microsoft has provided a patch for the new DST settings as part of the February automatic updates for Windows XP Service Pack 2 only.  You can check for installation of this update on your system by going to Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (making sure that “show updates” at the top is checked).  The fix will be listed as “Update for Windows XP (KB931836)”.

You can also look up the original Microsoft Knowledge Base article by going to:

If you are running Windows 2000 you will have to update the DST settings manually.  Microsoft has provided a time zone edit program available at

Scroll down to “Time Zone Editor” and download the tzedit.exe program.  After installing the program, run it and set the DST parameters to

Start Day:         Second         Sunday of March                   at 2:00:00 AM
Last Day:          First              Sunday of November            at 2:00:00 AM

Microsoft Office Outlook users may also need to adjust their calendars.  For information, see the Knowledge Base article at:

General DST information is also available at:







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